TopicHow to Trade Forex Around Important News Releases

  • Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 6:39am

    Most forex trading platforms have very fast order execution, meaningFibo Quantum Scalper that once you click on the 'buy' or 'sell' button your order will be filled within one or two seconds. During normal market trading conditions (most of the day when there is no important news releases), market prices will update on a pip-by-pip basis, meaning that you will see the price change from 1.2100, 1.2101, 1.2102, etc. Price swings are so volatile around the news release times, however, that there may be very large price jumps in just a few seconds, meaning that the price could skip from 1.2100 to 1.2115 and never even hit the values in between.

    So if you were to place a market order right as this was happening, and it had to take two seconds before the order was filled, due to these rapid price jumps you could enter the market 30 pips away from where you intended to! This is certainly not good, and it can actually have the effect of causing massive gains or losses in the window of just a few seconds. Rapid price jumps most often occur within a 15 minute window of the release of significant economic data.

    This is why it is so risky to trade the news, and why the majority of traders like to avoid trading around economic release times. But don't forget that there are a select few talented traders who use opportunities like this to cash up their Aston Martin fund regularly.

    The second important thing to understand is the typical manner in which prices fluctuate around the times of significant economic news releases. I have been trading long enough to notice a kind of 'modus operandi' that will occur with forex prices within one hour after the release of important news.

    A good exercise that can help you expand your understanding of this is to get into the habit of sitting and watching at your trading station around the time that significant economic metrics are released.

    Within 1-2 minutes of the data release, this is the time where there are the largest and most unpredictable price swings. If you are looking to earn pips in a controlled manner you will probably want to stay out of the market during this time and simply watch, or if you trade long-term time frames and shoot for 200+ pip gains then you can simply ignore this piece of news.

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