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  • Wed 9th Oct 2019 - 7:04am

    free aol downloads for existing members – AOL Gold is popular for his features with new user interface characteristics that are now accessible and also has advanced safety features. It can assist you to access your messages, search for content. It also helps in browsing among all interfaces. AOL Desktop is best.

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    How to reinstall AOL Desktop Gold: Step-to-Step guide

    If you witness problems using AOL Desktop Gold? Or is your desktop software not reacting correctly at times? If the response to all these issues is yes then with your desktop software there is something very severe going on. Reinstall AOL Gold to make your software run peacefully and smoothly. If you’re like all those people who don’t understand the measures to reinstall the software, this blog is just for you. As you get a response to your issue here, how to uninstall the AOL Gold first and then install it.

    To start the re-installation process first, users must remove all of this software’s earlier installed version. The steps to deinstall the software must be followed below:

    How to Uninstall AOL Gold?
    • Close any program running, then go to Control Panel.
    • Now a pop-up will appear that says, “Do you want to keep your personal data associated with this desktop software?
    • If you say yes, the uninstall wizard will start running.
    • After the process is completed, you have to restart your computer.
    How to Reinstall AOL Gold?

    Once the prior version of desktop software has been totally removed from your system, you must install the fresh version. And you have to follow these simple steps:

    • Visit Desktop Gold’s official website.
    • And then you have to click on the download link to AOL Gold to download this software’s recent version.
    • Now save in your system the downloaded setup file.
    • To run it as an administrator, click on the.exe file.
    • You need to ‘ Agree ‘ privacy and safety pop-up.
    • The installer will operate and you need to press.
    • Finish to end the process once the wizard is finished.
    • You now need to enter your username and password to log in to your AOL Gold account.
    • On the screen, an import prompt will appear.

    You can acknowledge it if you want to import your prior stored data.


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