TopicHow to recover deleted Gmail account?

  • Sun 20th Oct 2019 - 7:47am

    Users don’t delete Gmail account unintentionally. They delete it for a reason. Since it takes a whole process, so it can’t be done by mistake. But in case you have deleted your Gmail account and want it back again, then you can easily do that. Although they give warning before deleting your account that it will be deleted permanently, but it is not so, you can recover deleted Gmail account in few steps. Google provides you 2-3 weeks to recover your Google account and two business days to recover Gmail account once you have deleted it.

    Steps to recover deleted Gmail account
    Since you have only two business days to recover your deleted Gmail account, you have to act very fast to start the process. Go to Google recovery page from where you will be transferred to a new page with a text field. Type the Gmail address for the account which you have deleted. Click on Next. If you get a message that your email doesn’t exist or your email has been deleted, then you cannot recover your Gmail account. Enter your email password in the text field. Click on next. Tap to continue. You will be directed to the account creation page. Reinstate your old email address here. Go to “review your account information” where you can review your old email address, your phone number and your recovery email address. Click to procced. Click submit button. Provide a phone number in the required field. Click on continue. You will get a text message with a verification code. It’s a six-digit code. You can also opt for call to get the code. Enter the correct verification code in the field provided. Click continue. Now try to login using new details.
    You can also take the help of customer support in case you face any difficulty.
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