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  • Mon 21st Oct 2019 - 6:26am

    For more information on this topic start with my website. But don't stop there, do a Memory Protocol Ebook  Google search on guided imagery and you will find tons of great information. Best of luck, and feel free to write me!Being a teenager can be difficult indeed with so many changes taking place. Even though most professionals contend that bipolar doesn't generally occur until a person is in their mid 20's there are definitely teenagers out there suffering from it. Puberty is believed to be the trigger that results in teen bipolar disorder in the majority of documented cases.

    It can be very difficult to determine if a teenager is actually being affected by bipolar disorder or if they are simply going through a difficult time of change in their life. It is important for parents to discuss the issue with a doctor if they think something may be wrong other than simply adolescences. While it is normal for a teenager to be moody and sad at times they shouldn't be disruptive behaviors that cause them to have dramatic changes in their eating and sleeping habits.

    It is important to understand that they symptoms of teen bipolar disorder are different for than for adults. The symptoms tend to last longer and they are more extreme. The teenager can change so rapidly in behaviors that parents may thing their child is using illegal drugs.

    It is important to get a proper diagnosis for a teenager with bipolar disorder because the younger the person is with the disorder the more severe their symptoms will be. Most teenagers with bipolar disorder are treated with intense therapy. Medications often have to be taken on a daily basis to help balance out moods. Many doctors recommend group therapy as well for the teenage so they have support from their peers. Since there is no cure for bipolar it is vital that the teenagers learns to cope with the diagnosis. They also need to get it under control so they have the best chance of living a normal healthy life.

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