TopicThe Journey of Change Begins With a Single Thought

  • Tue 29th Oct 2019 - 9:38am

    We sat at the card table opposite each other on folding chairs. He 10 Minute Awakening always had plates and napkins ready for the egg sandwiches and coffee had become part of our opening ritual. Besides he loved to eat. He always got up at 3AM because he said the hours between 3AM and 5AM were the best time of the day for meditation and making contact with the Higher Ones. He said the race psyche (what he called massive humanity) was still sleeping and messages could get through in both directions. He said it was the best time to pray and ask for guidance from the Higher Ones.

    For the first fifteen minutes we chatted and ate. All the time he would be squinting and looking at me. He could read my aura and my thoughts as easily as you are reading this chapter.Bedside the prepared lessons he always had for me, be it Tarot, Astrology, Kabala. Magic or methods of divination he used these first fifteen minutes to check me out. To see where I "WAS AT."

    He checked what processes his presence and teachings had started within me. This kind of one-on-one spiritual training not only affected your mind, your soul and your level of being it also causes physiological changes within your body. You can't get this from reading a book.It was his responsibility to keep me safe and healthy and he kept checking to see if the processes were moving too fast or too slow and then make an adjustment. Consciousness raising, which is what spiritual training is all about is an alchemical process.

    Oh, by the way, if I was in a bad mood, angry or in any other bad state he would be standing at the top of the stairs and when I came through the downstairs door he would yell "stop! Don't you come into my home with those negative vibrations. Put the coffee down and go sit on the beach and let the elements of wind, sun, water and sand clean you out."

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