TopicFinding the Right Treatment For Joint and Muscle Pain

  • Wed 30th Oct 2019 - 4:38am

    Driving - Having good posture while driving is important. Your headrest Joint Complex 4000 should be high enough and close enough to catch and support your head in a rear end collision. Position the seat so as to sit up straight with your head no more than 2-4 inches in front of the headrest. Try adjusting the headrest so its upper edge is level with the top of your head; the back curve of your skull should connect with the cushion of the headrest.

    Reading at Home - Whenever you sit in a chair, try to maintain an upright posture. Hold the book so that you do not have to lean down or forward to see it. A pillow on your lap can be of help, and if you must read in bed, sit up straight or make use of a specially designed wedge pillow, or you can lie on your side with your neck straight and hold the book in front of you.

    Carrying a Bag - Carry a lightweight purse or backpack, and do not overload the bag. Do not sling a backpack over your shoulder. You can also make use of a fanny pack or a backpack designed to put weight on your hips instead of just the upper back. If the load is heavy, use a briefcase or a wheeled pack. If you must hoist a purse on your shoulder, you can alternate which shoulder to use.

    Computer or desk - If you are working at the computer or at a desk, try to keep your head balanced directly over your spine as much as possible. This means setting your chair's height so that both feet rest on the ground, and sitting with your buttocks far back in your chair, using a small pillow to give support to your lower back if needed.

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