TopicYou Can Make Your Own Alternative Energy System

  • Thu 31st Oct 2019 - 4:43am

    Solar Cooker - Using a solar cooker is fast becoming an Tyranny Liberator easy way to use the sun's energy and save money. You can cook healthy foods in a solar cooker. You can boil roast or bake your foods in this type of system and it requires no fuel other than the sun's light to cook your food. A solar cooker doesn't emit any gases so it is safe for the environment while not leaving any residue on your foods which is safer for you and your family.

    Solar Generator - A solar generator is another way to use the sun's energy in your home. The generator is a unit that will allow all your electrical appliances to use solar energy. It uses photovoltaic cells to convert solar power into electrical power. The solar generator can store the sun's energy for later use. Solar Thermal System - A solar thermal system is a heating system for your home using solar energy. It will allow you to take care of temperature in your home without worrying about expensive heating bills.

    So as you can see installing solar power in your home for cooking heating and all your general electrical needs will save you money on your monthly bills.Solar panels wind generators and solar water heaters are just a few of the most commonly talked about renewable energy resources that can help the average person eliminate their power bill. However making it's way to the head of the renewable energy pack is the electric magnetic motor.

    Solar panels need the sun a wind generator needs wind and a solar water heater needs heat. Unlike it's counterparts an electric magnetic motor doesn't need any resource such as wind or the sun to generate energy. Without any kind of help this type of motor will run indefinitely producing more and more energy than it consumes which can be used to fully power your home. To build one is easier than putting together a solar panel or wind generator and you can put a magnetic motor anywhere including your garage which is the best place to put it. While in the safety of your garage no bad weather such as a storm can harm your motor which means little to no maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

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