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  • Fri 1st Nov 2019 - 6:41am

    The two very vital questions that you must ask of yourself are, how The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy  many artificially manufactured, chemical and sugar filled foods are you consuming? and Precisely, how motivated are you to have a positive and a healthy eating program? your job is to ask your self these very important questions and then to answer them with honesty.

    If you do so, you will realize that you are consuming a great deal of food products that are filled with sugar and laced with salt, caramel, oil and mayonnaise.For just an insight into how many artificial chemicals and preservatives are used in these bottled and canned foods, simply read the ingredients on the back of the bottle - this is how far you are from healthy eating.

    You are certainly not adopting a healthy eating plan if you consume too much of fast foods, cream, white flour products and anything that has too much processing done on it or which contains high levels of chemical content. What a healthy eating plan does entail is consuming foods that are rich in nutrient value and are as close to its natural form as possible (yes, this surely does eliminate a great percentage of the food products that you would find on the grocery store shelf).

    In order to be motivated to stick to your healthy eating plan, it is important for you to understand that the food items that you come across in the store are laced with sugar, salt and other chemicals so that the taste of those products are manipulated and enhanced. Various institutions doing research on nutrition have verified that the consumption of processed and chemical-filled foods can lead to a higher risk o getting cancer and heart related problems. This is precisely why healthy eating is so vital for you and your family.

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