TopicLose Weight and Maintain Beauty at the Same Time - How?

  • Mon 4th Nov 2019 - 3:29am

    The more you weigh the more likely it is that you have water Trim 14 weight. The main cause of weight fluctuation is due to water retention. Our bodies tend to retain water when we eat sugary, processed and high calorie foods. Foods that are rich in sodium are the main cause of weight gain due to water retention in the body. This is the reason we are discouraged from taking in lots of foods that are prepared because they contain lots of salt. Salt contains sodium and that is the main culprit behind the body's water retention.

    It is hard to say that you should avoid eating salt completely because all foods contain some traces of sodium though in different amounts. Bananas have potassium that aid in preventing water retention. Gaining weight is caused by accumulation of fats in your body as well as retention of water. When you reduce the caloric intake, your body will lose a lot of water which will result in weight loss.

    The body then turns to the stored fats and proteins which make up the muscles in the body to get the needed water. At this point you will also lose a lot of water because the muscles contain a lot of water. This will make you thirsty. They you will drink water which will hydrate the body and you will gain your lost weight back.

    If you happen to have any of these illnesses, it is very important that you get rid of excess weight if you have any. Those who suffer from diabetes or any of the above mentioned diseases should also consider consuming a healthy diet. Another cause of high blood pressure, other than just being overweight, is a high concentration of sugar and salts in the blood. This is similarly due to eating high sugar foods and salts in the blood. Blood pressure medications can help to lower salt and sugars in the blood.

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