Topic How to Play Carrom for Beginners | Carrom Board Rules and Regulation

  • Thu 7th Nov 2019 - 2:16pm

    Rules of the game

    Carrom board rules are very much simple as listed below:

    1. The carrom game can be played either as singles or doubles. In case of doubles, two members of the same team sit across each other against the other two players. The team to start off first is the one which wins the toss. And the team that begins the game, does so with the white coins.

    2. Using a striker each player takes turns to strike the coins to pocket those into one of the four holes available the corners of the board.

    3. The red coin at the center is called the queen. It is worth more. A player can win it only if another coin is pocketed following it.

    4. By accidentally pocketing the striker, a player loses a turn one of his scored coins, which has to be placed back into the board. In case, the player pockets the striker along with a coin, he needs to place two coins back into the board and he does not lose his turn.

    5. In case a team pockets its last coin while the queen is still in the game, it loses the game. Eventually, the objective of the game is to score all of their coins along with the queen ahead of the opponents in order to win the game.

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