TopicHow to secure Google Drive from encryption?

  • Fri 11th Oct 2019 - 9:32am

    Encryption process is used to encode a file with password key. A Google drive encryption software is used to encode files and folders stored in the drive. Google drive encryption process is simple and is completed in few steps.
    First of all, a source file is taken. Content of this file is encrypted with AES 256 algorithm. The new encrypted file is then uploaded to the drive and the title remains the same with “syscloud” extension.
    This file is now downloaded and decrypted and then it is verified to see if the content is decrypted properly and doesn’t have any corruptions.
    Once the verification is completed, the decrypted file is retained after removing the source file.
    There are two types of Google drive encryption, Google drive encryption at rest and Google drive encryption in transit.
    Google drive encryption at rest are the files that does not move between the users. They have two levels of security- Default behavior and with drive encryption software.
    Google Drive encryption in transit also have same levels of security i.e. Default behavior and with drive encryption software.
    Encrypting Google drive saves the data theft and leaks. If you have any problem in encrypting, take the help of customer support team.

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