• Tue 3rd Dec 2019 - 7:35am

    Keto Slim 7  wouldn't it be better for you to solve the issue you're having at the source with your diet then to mask the symptoms with a pill that has side effects obviously though not everything can be fixed with a diet but a lot more of it can than people think health is like 70% diet 25% environment and 5% random chance just for our numbers Insta Keto  out there of course but speaking of curing things cancer while the keto diet does not no it does not cure it hippies are the worst plenty of them are claiming that it does and this is why so many people don't trust the like health food community because there's people that believe that and they think that people are being taken advantage of and a lot of people are even the like health food organic grocery store I go to yeah a lot of stuff they're selling is great and amazing for you but like they still have like a hugh your chakras with this herb take this homeopathic.

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