TopicAmbulance Service in Delhi

  • Fri 7th Dec 2018 - 12:27pm

    The timely medical intervention is the need of the hour and has a distinct role to play when it come to road safety. To sum up, there are host of factors ranging from bad road design to enforcement of traffic rules. Moreover, lifestyle of people have become such that things like cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, epilepsy or stroke are in prevalence. That's the good thing about reliable proper Ambulance Service in Delhi NCR are vital in saving people lives. According to the report, T- junction is emerged to be the most unsafe spot on the Capital's Street having witnessed many accidents. It may be because of engineering fault or laxity in enforcement. An ideal ambulance should fit on all parameters and is important when it comes to saving lives in danger. Jeewak ambulance service helps patients in any situation. The role of ICU ambulance in Delhi is dispatching the patient to the nearest hospital/nursing home that helps in saving people's lives. That's where ambulance service in Delhi is of utmost importance. For more info or book ambulance contact us or visit the website.

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