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  • Sat 12th Jan 2019 - 4:24am

     Otherwise Cousins had been successfully leading his receivers all game, having to throw the ball before the cheap runescape gold route fully developed because of the pressure he was dealing with.The only complaint I would have is his clock management towards the end, but even still I get the impression that coming from coaching more so than Cousins [especially after Zimmer comments at last nights press conference].

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    Abbreviations aren very helpful. "Poll to remove MA in future" I don know what MA is. "UB stream every month" I don know what UB is. I know what LOTD and TAPP are, but it would be helpful to others if you at least type it out for the first mention. Other random abbreviations like IM and JOAT can also be very confusing. I know you care about relaying information since you typed all of this out,

    I believe they showed Robinson running a corner route. Robinson was still running up field, back to the QB, not even breaking for the corner when Kirk was releasing the ball. It resulted in a completion because Kirk knew what the route was and where the receiver should be. If he not making throws like that, we aren getting the production we have been seeing all season. And this shouldn be the case. He was going against the Saints defense."

    Cousins balled out most of the game and his stats show it. He marched down the field multiple times, including a 91 yard march for a TD in response to the Saints 81 yard march (44 yards from PI on an otherwise incomplete catch). The other times was an unfortunate fumble to kill a promising drive in the red zone (not Kirk fault) and a miscommunication with a receiver causing the pick 6.

    I don quite understand the t92 upgrading. It says we have a choice to change the scraps into either the Sun, Water or Sky blessing. The Sun refers to the Tumeken Blade and Water the Elidnis Blade. What about the Sky one? Does that change the Blade to a defender or something?Display an RSS Feed Directions

    Edit: I typed this out before I was finished reading. UB is Unfinished Business and has a section dedicated to it, but the first mention of UB was unclear and confusing.The general conclusion so far is that we will need all 3 to upgrade the t82 weapons into the t92 ones, Telos style. Is this true or do we need just 1? If the latter is true, what does the Sky blessing do? I pretty excited for the swords tbh.

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