TopicWatching TV without Disturbing family Members with bluetooth Transmitter and receiver

  • Thu 12th Oct 2017 - 12:04pm

    Bluetooth headphones are currently all the rage. Besides the comfort provided by their wireless connection, they also offer good audio quality thanks to the apt-X codec. They operate with a wide variety of compatible sources such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Only TVs are missing from this range of compatible sources as very few models offer wireless Bluetooth connection. Those that do are often limited to being paired with a mouse and keyboard to facilitate the use of Smart TV features

    To fill that gap, Mixcder, who manufactures wireless audio devices, offers two products – the Mixcder TR008 and the Mixcder TR007. These names, which don’t sound very catchy, are in fact attributed to two different wireless Bluetooth audio transmitters, enabling the sound from a TV or any audio source to be diffused to a set of Bluetooth headphones or a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

    The Mixcder TR007 wireless Bluetooth audio transmitter is specifically designed for TVs. Highly compact and very easy to set up, it is powered using the TV’s USB port and is connected to the TV’s headphone output. Simply choose the pairing mode to automatically connect the transmitter. It also operates with a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

    The Mixcder TR008 is also powered via the USB port and can even be connected directly to the mains (USB power cable and mains adapter supplied). It operates like the Mixcder TR007 model but it has a wider range of connectors (analog mini-jack and coaxial and optical digital inputs), thus enabling it to be used with both analog and digital sources. It can also be simultaneously paired with two sets of wireless Bluetooth headphones. It is compatible with the apt-X codec, which offers improved performances in relation to the standard SBC codec and therefore offers a level of reproduction quality similar to that of an audio CD when used with compatible Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

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