Topic How To Fix If Google play Store not working Issues

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 6:41am

    Sometime google play store show technical error to connect the internet either unable to work or downloading the app due to some cirsumstances so here you will read about if google play store not working or responding how will you fix this technical error the steps are as follows:

    1. Check Data and time if these are woring fix it .
    If not, update it first by following the below step by step guide.
    a.go to the “Settings” of your device. Find ‘Date and time’ and tap on it.
    b.Now you can see several options. Select “Automatic date and time”.This should override the wrong date and time your device have.
    c.Now, go to Play store and try to connect again.

    2.Cleaning of Cache data of Play Store

    a.Firstly, go to “Settings” on your device.
    b.Now, navigate to the “Apps” option available at the settings menu.
    c.Here you can find “Google Play Store” app listed. Open it by tapping.
    d.Now, you can find a screen like below. Tap on “Clear cache” to remove all the cache from the application.

    3. Reset Play store by Clear data:

    a.Like the previous method, head towards the settings and then find “Apps”
    b.Now find “Google Play Store” and open it.
    c.Now, instead of tapping “Clear cache”, tap on “Clear data”. This will erase all the data and settings from the Google Play store.

    4.Reconnecting the Google account

    a.Go to the “Settings” and then find “Accounts”.
    b.Upon opening the option, select “Google”. Now you can see your Gmail ID listed there. Tap on it.
    c.Now click on the top right side three dots or “more” option. Here you can find “Remove account” option. Select it to remove the Google Account from your Mobile.
    d.Now, go back and try to open Google play store again

    5.Reinstall the latest version of Google play store

    a.go to “Settings” and then move on to “Security”. Then find “Device administration” here.
    b.Upon clicking on this option, you can find “Android device manager”. Uncheck this and disable.
    c.Now you can be able to uninstall Google play service by going into application manager.
    d.After that, try to open any app that requires Google Play store to open, and that will automatically guide you to install the Google Play service. Now install the updated version of the Google Play service.

    5. Disable the VPN

    a.Go to the settings of your device.
    b.Under the “networks”, click on “More”.
    c.Here you can find “VPN”. Tap on it and turn it off.
    d.Now, again go back and try to open the Google play store.

    6.Force stop Google Play Service:

    a.Go to settings and then go to “Application Manager”.
    b.Now find “Google Play Store” and click on it.
    c.Here click on “Force Stop”. This allows the Google play store stop.
    d.Now, try to open Google Play store again and this time the service is being restarted and might work properly.

    Might be these step will work and google play store will work properly if still not working you can go through here further more details and solution you can find here helpline number talk to professional any other solution.


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