TopicHow to Lower Cholesterol Naturally - These Are the Best Foods to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels!

  • Wed 20th Mar 2019 - 4:41am

    Discolored Mucus A recently published study in the Biochemical Journal has suggested that there Cardio Clear 7 Review   is a connection between cardiovascular disease and green-tinged mucus. The discoloration is caused by an enzyme in the body called myeloperoxidase, which fights bacteria by producing an acid that can damage tissue and lead to asthma, arthritis, and thickening of arterial walls.

    Earwax There are two different types of earwax: dry and wet. Individuals produce only one kind or the other for the extent of their lives, and earwax type seems to be a hereditary trait. A 1966 Japanese study found that individuals who produced dry earwax had an increased risk of arterial thickening than those who produced wet earwax. No other study since has confirmed these findings - a later peer review, in fact, concluded that the results should be viewed with suspicion. Yet when one considers all the other strange indicators of heart disease, certainly the kind of earwax an individual produces is no odder than any other potential risk factor.

    Cardiovascular disease is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition that should never be taken lightly. However, these unusual risk factors can surely add some levity to the conversation.One of the best ways to get more business is to increase the size of your potential market. There are various ways of doing this. One can do product line extensions or lever the product into other areas where new markets open up. You see a lot of this in the food and apparel industries.

    Surely you would think this does not go on in health Think again. Pharmaceutical agents are approved for certain uses. If one can find new uses then new markets will open up. This can be tricky. Indeed the withdrawal some years ago of the drug Vioxx happened when a trial was being conducted on a potential new use for the drug. During this trial was when the risks of heart attack became apparent (some have argued this was known previously) and the rest is history.



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