Topic Don't Let Distractions Rob You of Productivity!

  • Wed 20th Mar 2019 - 4:47am

    While you can name other elements in  Speak and Inspire   developing a commitment to excellence, trust is the basic one. One of the first questions that come to mind in dealing with others is, "Can we trust them?". This applies to our business life and our private life. If others have doubts about the answer, finding success will be hard indeed. The level of your success will depend to a large degree on your reputation. Make sure you have a reputation for a commitment to excellence in all you do.One of the things I enjoy most about having my own business is the freedom to choose who I'll do business with. Not that I've always enjoyed that luxury, but my business is at a point where I can be a bit picky about who I decide to do business with. Add to that a very specific 'ideal client' vision, and I find that I seem to attract clients who fit nicely into that vision without a lot of hard work.

    I just spoke to one of my clients in Florida recently, and he reminded me how enjoyable it is to do business together. He always seems to have fun projects that fit perfectly with my expertise and his positive outlook seems to extend from his business to his personal life! This made me stop to think about my other clients, and how they fit into the same enjoyable relationship I have built with my Florida client. To my amazement, they too have the same positive attitude, are fun to work with, and we share a mutual respect and appreciation for each other.

    WOW, how cool is that? This all makes me wonder, how did I get here? How did this happen? Could it be the law of attraction? I think that it does have a lot to do with attraction, and my attitude, and the fact that many of my new clients come to me as referrals. We usually hang out and have stronger relationships with people who are similar to us, or have the same values as we do. So it stands to reason that my clients would be referring prospects who are similar to them, who have the same attitudes and values.

    Over the years I have had to sever my relationship with a number of clients. In looking at who they were I can easily see that they had different values, our work was less positive and their attitude towards our work together was what finally made me sever ties because I felt they were bringing me down in my own business.

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