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  • Thu 11th Apr 2019 - 5:08pm

    Secrets of Crazy Monkey slot machinetime of victories

    Crazy Monkeys have long become one of the most popular casino slotsOf coursethe cheerful monkey attracts fans of gambling not only with excellent animation and an exciting prize gameThe main goal of these prize hunters – good winsAll these gamers know how to cheat a Monkey slot machine and take the BankPlay slot machines for free and without registrationGood luck.

    It is worth noting that the jackpot slot makes an impressionWild monkeys allow you to win up to 5,000 coinsNaturallywhat one player can do will be easily repeated by othersIn additionwe are ready to share the secrets of conquering the machineGamers just pick up your invitation and test the proposed winning optionsTo succeed on the machines can be anyoneif you act strictly according to the scheme.

    Cheat monkey slot machineuse efficient algorithms

    It is worth running a gambling slot and it completely absorbs the attention of the gamerregularly delighting with winningsLearning to calculate the bonus spinsplayers are cheating the manufacturers of the machines and take away a chic prizeThereforewhen choosing a Monkey slotit is important to immediately Deposit a fairly impressive amount into the accountThe best is to start with 250 – 500 Dthe First bet is made with two coins on the ninth lineThe success of the strategy will show the starting winnings.

    After a winning combination is necessary to continue to break the same patternAfter increasing the starting Bank twice and accumulating a good amount of winningsit is better to stop the game and take the moneyThe fact is that with the constant punching of one cardthe software will start to failThis usually occurs after 11-th or 20-th spinDuring this timethe machine will give a lot of small prizes of 4 – 20 coinsWhen punching large amounts of machine will multiply only once.

    Secrets of Crazy Monkey slot machineanother algorithm

    The game starts at the 18th betafter a couple of spins and a few wins it is optimal to move to the third betYou can get the bonus after a couple of spinsIn further spinsthe winnings will fall out after about two or three spinsMost oftenafter the third successthe machine opens a bonus gameNow the main thing – to pull the right rope and collect bananas and awardsand not to catch the anvil.

    It is worth noting that the bonus round is one of the main entertainment for gamblersforcing to play slot machinesWhen choosing the optimal ropes need to connect intuitionThis ability check is a great challengeespecially if you can get a big prize afterSoif the monkeys in the bonus combination appeared on the 2nd4th and 5th reelsit is better to pull the ropes from the endWith such a starting arrangement of monkeys on the reelsit is better to start opening with the fifth ropethen go to the secondfourth and finish with the first and third.

    In shortit is necessary to open the rope so as not to form a flat lineFinally we will share one more secrets of fans of victoriesAfter receiving the bonus symbolit is important to keep pressing one key until additional bonuses appearThe method works in most casesProfessional players consider the third key to be the optimal oneCrazy Monkeys are ready to share secretsThe main thing is to carefully monitor the behavior of the machine and place bets strictly according to the schemeIn this casethe best winnings are guaranteed.

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    It is worth running a gambling slot and it completely absorbs the attention of the gamerregularly delighting with winningsLearning to calculate the bonus spinsplayers are cheating the manufacturers of the machines and take away a chic prizeThereforewhen choosing a Monkey slotit is important to immediately Deposit a fairly impressive amount into the accountThe best is to start with 250 – 500 Dthe First bet is made with two coins on the ninth lineThe success of the strategy will show the starting winnings.

  • Sat 27th Apr 2019 - 7:53pm

    This emulator is amazing how well it is balanced in all respects. Excellent graphics combined with great sounds completely corresponding to the fun theme of the slot. All components of the machine are subject to a single storyline. In general, the structure of the second part of the famous slot has not changed. The player will have to earn money on 5 reels, which fit 15 characters. The active lines in the slot machine are still 9. Wins are secured by the successful combinations on the screen.

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  • Sat 11th May 2019 - 12:51am

    I was very interested in the secrets of the Crazy Monke slot machine. I want to thank you for the information about online casinos with such interesting slots. I often had to play in different online casinos, but I always play only poker. You intrigued me with your playing technique, I need to try to play by your method.

  • Mon 13th May 2019 - 1:01pm

    Continuing familiarity with the emulator and its heroine, you can see that nine active lines are represented here. This is enough for the process of rotating the reels to be profitable. Now it's time to look at the prize table. She tells us that butterflies and bananas bring the smallest amounts. But snakes are ready to increase capital by 50 credits of the anvil by 100, and pineapples by 200. Of course, all these prizes will be virtual if you play the Crazy Monkey slot machine for free.

  • Tue 14th May 2019 - 8:18pm

    Until now, the secrets of the Crazy Monke slot machine have not been solved. I started playing with the game demo, then I made a deposit, and it’s scary to play with money, I'm afraid to lose everything. I play demo all the time, I don't have the courage to play for real money.

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