TopicWhat is a Vegan? A Very Short Explanation

  • Tue 17th Apr 2018 - 10:35am

    Complacency and indecisiveness are the children of these traits. Most children naturally lean this Reality Bending Secrets direction. All it takes is unintentional parental absence to fall into, for lack of definition, be sucked into their black hole.

    Could your failures be the effect of your parents?

    Partly, but not entirely.

    Nearly all parents try their best to raise their children with loving hearts. Most parents would do anything for their children and wish them nothing but success in life.

    For those with loving parents, know that it isn't entirely their fault either. Remember, we are inherently born with these traits. Only a parent who has control of themselves in this capacity could ever hope to benefit their children the same. Some do, most do not.

    Parenting is mostly an intuitive process, due to lack of parenting school funding. Give them a break if you aren't completely satisfied with how you turned out. They likely did the best they could.

    Now That you Know Them

    Fear and ignorance cannot be eliminated. We must seek out control of them as they are good at controlling us. Complacency and indecisiveness can be all but snuffed through changes in habit.

    These traits can be true disease, as we'll discover as we develop an understanding of where they lead.




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