Topic Why 'Never Quitting' is Bad Advice and How it Differs From Giving Up

  • Thu 17th May 2018 - 6:34am

    Human beings are creatures of habit. We become so sedated in our comfort zone it's almost Subliminal360  like were entirely numb when new challenges arise. It gets very difficult to motivate ourselves into action, either that or we're simply afraid to take risks.

    However, every successful person can attest to the fact that it will take some immeasurable amount of risks in life if you are to achieve your goals. In fact the more successful they are the more risk is involved. There's an old baseball saying, "you can't steal second base if you don't leave first."

    You'll never achieve your goals if you're not willing to come out of being comfortably numb. It would appear that most people are happy just being pacified.

    Let's use driving a car as an example. When you first learn to drive it can be quite scary if not nerve racking. For many, even going at the lowest speed felt like you were driving way too fast. One reason for this is because your eyes and perception has not adjusted to the scenery around you yet.

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