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    Newcasting dial
    I have been troubled by the richard mille sapphire characteristics of the porcelain dial and the neon-shaped dial that have more retro styles. Both of them are the symbol of the transformation of the artistic and aesthetic tastes after the watch is separated from the simple time carrier. . But in the end, the reason why I chose the Nusso dial is not only because it represents a rigorous and meticulous decoration, but also as a traditional decorative design contains countless details and variability, its popularity is rare. The porcelain plate can not be compared. Today, the neo-score dial is still with the fine texture of its hand-controlled machine, and continues to gain the attention of watch connoisseurs.

    The watch case is made of stainless steel, with a smooth and delicate decoration for a mirror effect, and with a matte strap, the bright and matte colors are interlaced to reflect the high-tech texture. The Mirror is made of sapphire crystal glass, which can achieve scratch resistance on the basis of good light transmission. It is the most common surface mirror material. The bottom of the watch is also a sapphire glass cover that presents a mechanical aesthetic in a back-to-back manner.

    Of course, the appearance of this watch is characterized by the low-key luxury effect created by gold plating. In addition to the strap part, the crown, the hands, the scale and even the calendar display window are all gold-plated. On the other hand, the design on the pointer is very modern. This kind of pointer is the design that many big brands often choose, and the exquisite The Roman numeral scale reflects the style of the traditional collection. The center part of the dial adopts a decorative design of radiation netting to highlight the overall effect of the watch. The 12-minute functional block is decorated with a neo-strip pattern to distinguish.

    The second is the richard mille replica calendar function. The calendar function can display the current date. There are two types of windows and pointers. Obviously, the SDJ02001W0 watch belongs to the former, and the window-type calendar display is more specific and easier to distinguish than the pointer. The last is its highlight - dual time zone function. The dual time zone function refers to the time that can indicate another time zone other than the local time. The second time zone indication pointer of the SDJ02001W0 watch is a pointer of a diamond arrow. Here, the concept of the time zone is involved. According to international convention, the world time is divided into In 24 time zones, China is in the East 8 district, and each time zone is converted in hours. Therefore, the minute will not change when adjusting the dual time zone function. This function is a business traveler who often travels in different time zones. Essential features.

    Incorporating artistic beauty and extraordinary Japanese watchmaking craftsmanship, ORIENT Oriental Watch has created a new power reserve hollow watch with delicate sensibility and finely crafted shape. The front and rear double-cut movements are hand-finished, making the watch no longer a timer, and sublimation becomes a work of art.

    The "Panel" in the Oriental Bawang Power Storage Heartbeat Table presents a superb design texture with meticulous texture. The combination of the heartbeat window and the blue-steel pointer emphasizes the rare and worthwhile collection of the ORIENT Powerful Heartbeat Watch. The masterpieces of first-class watchmaking masterpieces are carefully crafted; they show the texture and beauty of "opening happy". All the art hollow hollow carved movement, the 9 o'clock position hollow can be seen the beauty of the balance wheel running, special fine grain surface, curved mirror surface, all only use 316L top replica watches uk stainless steel material.

    As a mechanical watch, the watch calendar runs in three categories: 1. Perpetual calendar mechanical watch, which can automatically distinguish between the size of the month and the 28 or 29 days of February. Generally, it counts the year and can distinguish between simple leap years and can guarantee 100 years. (Because the average perpetual calendar can only be done for 4 years, not a hundred years, unless the top perpetual calendar can be four hundred years or more), the date is kept accurate, no need to adjust the calendar. 2, the annual calendar, generally do not count the year, but can guarantee to distinguish between the size of the month, but February is calculated according to 28 days, if you encounter 29 days, you can only manually adjust the calendar to the 29th, in fact, only need 4 Annual adjustment once. 3, ordinary calendar, every month is always 31 days, February and small months need to be manually adjusted, adjust these days directly to the 1st. As an electronic watch or quartz watch: 1, the electronic watch is the easiest to implement, because it is only a program problem. 2, quartz pointer calendar table, you can add an electronic timing chip inside the table to control the calendar operation of the table in the form of signals.

    The movement and components are hand-polished and decorated
    Hours and minutes
    Small seconds at 6 o'clock
    Large date with flash calendar system
    Movement side power storage indicator
    Hand-stitched replica swiss watches brown alligator strap

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