Topicesport - the strategy of Lower Total

  • Mon 27th May 2019 - 2:40pm

    esport - the strategy of Lower Total

    Strategy "Lower total" is very interesting in theory and is still little known, so it may well be working. Another advantage of the strategy is that it is very simple. To play it you do not need to use complex formulas and look for rare markets in the line.


    The essence of the strategy "Lower total»



    First you need to find a tournament where the total is less than 2.5 teams play much more often than the total is more than 2.5.

    This can be done using the service ahhh! It is important that not less than 60% of the tournament games held TM 2.5.

    Further, in the next round of the tournament we find games where the coefficients for the victory of rivals were approximately at the same level.

    It is necessary that they were in the 2.00-3.30. Further, in such games, make bets on TM of 2.5.

    Such bets are based on the fact that in matches of approximately equal opponents of low-level Championships teams often play with a score of 1:0 or 1:1.

    The level of strikers of the tournament does not allow them to score a lot of goals, so the chances are high that in such matches the lower total will play. Also, you are quite satisfied with the score 2:0 or 0:0.

    Example of the game strategy "Lower total»

    Games suitable for the team


    We found the tournament with the help of 24score service, where the number of total matches less than 2.5 in the previous season did not exceed 60%.

    Such a tournament was the Central zone of the second Russian division. Of the 362 matches of the previous season in 238 was total less than 2.5, which exceeded 65% of the total number of games. Look at the screenshot of how the teams played in the season. Only the farm club of Tula Arsenal has the number of matches on TB 2.5 exceeded the number of games on TM 2.5. Such teams as Orel, Energomash and Ryazan played no more than 5 games on TB 2.5 out of 26 matches of the regular season.

    Now let's look at the results of the first two rounds of this season.

    Our conditions correspond to the 6 games out of 12. Of these, 2 games ended with a score of 2:0, two games with a score of 1:1, one game with a score of 1:0 and in one game the result was recorded 2:2.

    It turns out only one game a bet on under 2.5 is not played (2:2).

    The odds for the totals in these matches were around 1.50-1.87. If we in each match, put$ 10 on under 2.5, your winnings would have amounted to not less than 80$ (set 60).


    In some tournaments, the strategy of "Lower total" may well generate income. Of course, it should be thoroughly tested in various Championships, but you can also compare the coefficients and results for the previous seasons of tournaments. Ideally, it is necessary to modify the strategy at all to take into account not only the coefficients and performance of the championship, but also the effectiveness of individual clubs, weather conditions, the presence of injured forwards, the motivation of teams and many other factors.

  • Thu 30th May 2019 - 7:36am

    A very interesting topic of eSports - the strategy of Lower Total, I was very interested. Thanks for the information on the service, where you can find a tournament with less than 2.5 matches, and in the previous season did not exceed 60%. I try to stick to your advice, but I am completely unable to do everything right.

  • Fri 31st May 2019 - 12:49pm

    A wonderful theme, moreover, very interesting. After all, e-sports  itself consists of several disciplines-games in each of which have their own tournament system and unique teams with their participants. For example, in the Dota 2 strategy, the layouts are somewhat reminiscent of the season system in tennis, and in League of Legends we can see regional leagues typical of game types. I would like here to give advice that is useful to the neofit’s betters - choose one discipline and initially put only on it. For a good bet on eSports you need to constantly follow the changes in the rules. If in football it is enough to learn once what is offside or to understand what affects the number of corners, then the game realities are extremely changeable. Cybersport discipline is also a competition in which, for the interest of gamers, new opportunities are constantly introduced. Each change in turn can affect the duration of the party and the intensity of battles as well as the strengths of individual teams.

  • Sat 1st Jun 2019 - 7:27pm

    Nikitos, thanks for the link to the online casino with eSports. I want to try out the profit strategy. I wanted to get as many skills in eSports games as possible to confidently place my cash bets on teams. I got little information, where do I start playing?

  • Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 12:49pm

    Cybersport is ideal for beginner players who want to experiment with small bets. For them, some unpredictability will serve as an additional stimulating factor. Due to a lack of awareness among bookmakers and the impossibility of correctly assessing all factors, overvalued favorites often appear. Bookmakers put on them big odds and an experienced player can make good money on it. However, it is important to remember: any bet is primarily a risk. Good luck!

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