TopicSymptoms of a Wrist Fracture

  • Fri 31st May 2019 - 10:24am

    Anti Incontinence Pill - Experiencing urinary incontinence as well as frequent urination is one of the common symptoms of using a kidney stent. Both of these side effects can result in the occurrence of more pain to the patient. For this reason, anti incontinence pills like Detrol LA are helpful in decreasing bladder spasms as well as alleviating painful symptoms especially in women.

    Painkillers - If your pain becomes so unbearable that it starts interfering with your normal activities and sleep patterns you must consult your doctor immediately and get some painkillers for immediate relief. While using painkillers remember that they can play havoc with your immune system in excessive dosage, therefore ensure that you never surpass your daily prescribed limit.

    Extra Precautions - When a kidney stent is placed into the body of a patient, it is placed in the ureter so that it allows urine to drain from the kidney into the urinary bladder. In order to aid proper repositioning in case of stent dislodging as well as aid smooth stent removal the lower end of the stent is suspended by a thread which can be a cause of pain to some users and especially amongst women when tugged accidentally. It is therefore important to take due precautions and be extra careful not to pull at the thread which can result in shifting it as well as causing intense pain and discomfort.

    It is important to treat pain effectively so that a person can function properly and live a normal, happy life, no matter what they are suffering from. Neuropathic pain however, is not always easy to drive away. Although it can be temporarily curbed by antidepressants and painkillers, once the effect of the drugs have worn out the pain can quickly return. Neuropathic pain occurs when the nerve endings are damaged and unable to send proper signals to the brain. They send distorted messages which result in symptoms like tingling, burning and numbness. Such symptoms are already potent enough to leave you feeling incapable of continuing your daily chores or responsibilities. However, it brings a sparkle of hope to know that a variety of neuropathy treatments are now available for this condition.



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