Topiccation you can cope with the daily stress and maintain control of your life.

  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 10:48am


    There are 2 groups of food that are the cooling type The Memory Hack Review and the energizing type. These food are sometimes known as the food high in acid and food high in alkaline. Alkaline food are cooling while acidic food are very energizing and makes you active. When trying to calm down, avoid food that are acidic because it will only make you more active and more prone to the attacks. Take a lot of alkaline food such as vegetables and fruits can keep your stress level low and also keep you healthy.

    Control medication

    Medication are the trusted source of help and if it's not taken with precaution, it can lead to many problems. Take it with therapies but keep it in moderation. Don't get greedy and think that a bigger dose or taking more will help you better and may make it improve in a leap from "temporarily stopping it" to "curing panic attacks completely". It can cause reverse results and makes you feel worse. Besides, taking too much medication is not good for your health due to the risk of side effects and also the dependency that will latch on you.

    Face it

    Stop running away or use hiding as a way to help yourself. Distraction is part of avoiding the problem. You may not know it but numbing yourself through certain techniques is not healthy and will not cure you completely from.


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