Topic Top Reasons to Use Social Bookmarking For Your Blog

  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 10:55am

    Social bookmarking is a the new wave of gaining targeted traffic Facebook Ad IQ Academy to your websites by storing, organizing, searching and managing bookmarks of websites online. Bookmarks are generally public but can also be saved privately, shared with a group or only shared within certain networks. In other words, you can share your bookmarks and pass them on to others. By sharing your bookmarks you're telling others that these are useful, interesting, funny and vital sites for them to visit. You'll get more traffic this way. If you have a list of subscribers, you can send them a bookmark, or a bunch of bookmarks.

    Here are seven strategies to improve your social bookmarking:

    · Bookmark your own web pages. This makes sense because these are the sites you want people to visit and bookmark as well.

    · Bookmark your other important web pages that have information you think is important and you'd like to share with others. If those websites have links back to your website-all the better!

    · Make frequent blog posts and then bookmark them. Everyone likes to look in on someone else's life and business. We all like to look at other people's lives, their pictures and videos. This will bring you more traffic as well

    · You have shared files, like PDF's, reports and videos and music that you can bookmark as well.

    · Create a lens on Squidoo with links back to your other websites and then bookmark that lens.
    Now that you have mastered these options you must find new ways to promote your business interests and get noticed. Why not use "social bookmarking" for networking your business 


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