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  • Thu 14th Jun 2018 - 11:15am

    And lastly put your kids in the music program at school. School Spiritual Laws Of Money Review is just starting they can sign up now. I can see the many friends of my kids on Facebook that were in the band and the majority are in well-paid professional positions. I'll admit there are exceptions, but as a general rule those that are involved in the school music program have double the chance of graduating high school and continuing on to college and beyond.

    The funny part is that I've told this to many, many people. And you know what? Very few pay attention. And most that continued to let their children do what the child wanted to do, now have grown children struggling to make the grade in a lowly community college and are usually working somewhere as a bar back to earn a living.

    She seemed so in charge of her balanced life. So I asked my student, this longtime, top producer, exactly how she managed to juggle so much and so well. Her response was the same I've heard repeatedly from achievers over the years, "I learned how to really concentrate." When the vision is clear, braking down specific goals or tasks becomes easier.

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