• Thu 13th Jun 2019 - 5:59am

    There is a bracelet layout for men by way of Magnet Giant that is -toned. The relevant a part of every link is etched stainless steel. The edges of the link are plated in 24k gold. When the links are related, the resulting bracelet is a smashing, fashionable, and cool men's metal bracelet.


    Women's steel bracelets are greater delicately designed than the guys’ bracelets. Magnet Giant has a simple yet stylish design for women. The bracelet - plated in 24K gold - has curvilinear edges inside the bracelet's hyperlinks. These links, as soon as related with one another, form a stunning and stylish stainless steel bracelet that a girl can wear on formal night capabilities. Women could also love the appearance of stainless-steel bracelets with included gem stones.


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