TopicAcid Alkaline Balance For Body and Mind

  • Wed 14th Aug 2019 - 8:14am

    A list of foods that help to lower cholesterol would include rice bran oil. The oil is used for cooking throughout Essential M   Asia, but is not particularly popular in the US. Like some other plants, it contains Phytosterols, which are similar in structure to cholesterols. In the digestive system, they compete for absorption. Therefore, they reduce the amount absorbed from the foods that you eat.Soy is another food that is beneficial for balancing HDL-LDL levels. The active component of soy is lecithin. It stimulates the secretion of cholesterol from the body. Soy also contains beta-sitosterol, which is one of the Phytosterols that compete for absorption.

    Green and black teas should be included on the list of foods that help to lower cholesterol. They contain antioxidants called Theaflavins and catechins, which have been shown in numerous studies to raise HDL levels and lower LDL levels.It may be more effective to take a concentrated supplement than it is to add these foods and beverages to your daily diet. The concentration of active compounds in these plants varies from one batch to the next.

    In the laboratory, supplement companies are able to isolate and extract the active components, verifying the concentration and providing an accurate dose every time. They can also include extracts from plants that we don't normally eat, such as policosanol; this is found in beeswax and other natural sources.Now you have a short list of foods that help to lower cholesterol, and you know that supplements can help too. It makes sense to do everything that you can, since the health of your heart is at stake.

    It seems as though today in the world of low carb, low net carb, trans fats, and omega-3 oils, you need to have a degree in biochemistry just to know what you're eating. Among these popular marketed food molecules are "antioxidants". Even gum commercials now are exclaiming that their gum contains antioxidants to fight "free radicals". What are antioxidants? What are free radicals? What do they have to do with a healthier you.


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