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  • Wed 14th Aug 2019 - 10:59pm

    Vizio TV, is one of the most popular streaming devices that supports Netflix. This article is going to help the Vizio TV users to resolve any issue related to the slow or improper working of Netflix on their devices.

    If you encounter a situation where Netflix doesn’t work on Vizio TV then one can start with the recovery process.

    First and foremost step is to know the problem properly in order to fix things.

    One of the general issues that can be encountered is due to the bad internet connections. To resolve this, check the television’s internet access settings.

    How can you check your Vizio TV’s internet access?

    • Press the menu button on the remote of the Vizio TV.
    • Locate the ‘Network’ section and press ‘OK’ button
    • Go to the ‘Test Connection’ option and press the ‘OK’ button.

    From there you can find the information regarding the network connection. It can take a couple of minutes for the device to complete the testing process for the network connections. Once it is done with the required process, locate the ‘Download’ option.

    Also, reinstalling the app is not the apt solution as it needs to be fixed then and there. Check for the internet speed. It is required to be around 1000 kbps for the better performance of the app. If the connection is less than 1000 kbps, it may lead to buffering issues or not plating the content at all. Also, if notifications like ‘download not available’ are visible, it means that the TV is not connected to the internet. You can check this on sign in the help page.

    In case you have uninstalled the Netflix app, then get the new version of the software and activate it from It is recommended to activate the device to have full access over the streaming of Netflix content. You can also log onto for further queries.


    Netflix found no internet connection, but the internet connection is working properly.

    In such a situation, reinstalling the app or changing settings won’t help. It is suggested to power cycle the Vizio TV.

    These steps can be followed:

    • Turn the TV off.
    • Remove the power cord from the main power point.
    • Press the power button and hold it for 15 seconds. Make sure that the TV is not plugged in.
    • Finally, connect the power plug back on to the TV and turn the TV on.

     Now check if Netflix is working or not.  Mostly it does work but in case you still find issues, it is advised to reach

    out for the expert’s help. You can visit the official website of Netflix and find the apt solution from the help centre.

    If want to know How to Setup/Activate Netflix App On Vizio Tv Visit Our Blog.


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