TopicForex Marketing and Kishore M Trading Program!

  • Sat 9th Nov 2019 - 5:43am

    Most of these website have screenshots that are nothing more than marketing Bitcoin Revolution 2 Review gimmicks. These screenshots are meant to entice novices who don't know much about the reality of trading and are meant to make them believe that making money with the robot is very easy. Always remember, their is no Holy Grail in trading.

    Most of these websites have been designed solely for the purpose of marketing and selling that robot. Almost all these websites talk about Back Test Results. Let's discuss what these back test results mean. First what is a back test. Back test is done using historical data on a particular currency pair.

    Back test is usually done to see the performance of an automated system under the past market conditions. So when you see a robot website, you will read how much it could have made in the last five or ten years. Suppose, you have historical data for the currency pair GBPUSD for the last six months. You perform a back test to check the performance of a robot with that historical data.

    Now a good back test can only be an indication that this robot can work. It doesn't mean that it will as a back test simply ignores spreads and slippage. For example, the spread maybe 2 pips during the day but it might widen to 5 pips in the night. When there is some economic news release, again liquidity dries up as most of the big players want to watch the market and stay out under volatile conditions. At the time of economic news release like the NFP Report or other important reports, you might find the spread to widen to as high as 20 pips.

  • Sat 9th Nov 2019 - 7:14am

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