Topic How to Cure Diabetes Naturally - Is it Possible to Get Rid of Diabetes the Natural Way?

  • Tue 12th Nov 2019 - 6:18am

    Loss of weight occurs partly because diabetes causes dehydration and Diabetes Freedom Review partly because muscles break down due to the decrease of adipose tissue. The body of the diabetic person gets denied of the needed amount of calories which also results in an unexplained weight loss. The main reason behind this fatigue is the imbalance of glucose in the blood.

    Insulin, a hormone used for the conversion of glucose into energy, controls the division of glucose in the body. If insulin is not present or if the cells don't react to it anymore, then the glucose stays outside the cells in the bloodstream where it can't be utilized to release energy in the body. This has something to do with blood circulation and occurs gradually over time as the glucose level in the blood increases.

    In time, this causes poor blood circulation and starts to affect small blood vessels and capillaries which are responsible for supplying blood to extremities and the nervous system of the body. Later on, poor blood circulation starts affecting the efficiency of the nervous system. This causes numbness in the hands and feet which is coined as diabetic neuropathy.

    Other signs that may occur are blurred vision, dry and itchy skin, frequent infections or cuts and bruises that take a long time to heal. If the above signs are noticed, schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. Your physician will be able to tell and diagnose if you are diabetic or not. The phrase diabetic diet conjures up two rather diametrically opposed images; the first is a diet that is so painfully saddled with refined sugar, saturated fat and salt that the person who consumes it will be placing themselves at an exceptionally high risk of contracting diabetes.

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