TopicYour Hearing Loss Shouldn't Be Running Your Life

  • Mon 6th May 2019 - 12:39pm

    How can hearing loss be treated

    Ear infections, a perforated ear drum can lead to temporary hearing loss which will subside with time, although Tinnitec Supplement Review some level of hearing loss may be irreversible. Other types of hearing impairments, such as sensorineural or nerve damage in the cochlea, are permanent. Hearing aids or hearing implants will be necessary to restore your ear's functionality. The condition can be treated depending on its intensity and its type. Some of the treatments include cleaning the ear canal, using a neurostimulator, or a gamma knife surgery in extreme cases.

    The ears a vital part of the human body and they aid in hearing a variety of sounds ranging from 20Hz-20,000Hz. The ears are vulnerable to various types of infections, foreign bodies and wax formations. Tinnitus is one such condition that cannot be classified as a disease but may result from these underlying causes which were mentioned above. It is the perception of sound within the ears that does not correspond to external sound. Tinnitus can also originate due to a natural hearing impairment as a result of aging process; it may even be a side effect of certain medications.

    The intensity of tinnitus can range from slight to severe depending on the symptoms experienced by the person. These include interference to sleep and distractions to performing daily duties. Usually tinnitus is most prevalent amongst older people. It can be felt in both ears and even in the head. It is usually heard as a ringing, buzzing, or a high pitched annoying hissing sound. Some people who are affected by tinnitus have hearing loss since they are not able to hear other external sounds.

    Tinnitus prevailing for a long time, such as in chronic cases may lead to fatigue, irritation, hallucinations and even depression. Objective tinnitus can also occur. It occurs due to muscle spasms that can cause crackling sound inside the middle ear, although that is rare. Tinnitus is correlated with memory loss problems, poor health, fatigue and often leads to anxiety and stress. Tinnitus, itself, is subjective and thus cannot be measured using objective tests like the audiometric test.


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