Topic Stop Smoking and Snoring

  • Fri 12th Oct 2018 - 6:32am

     A couple of simple things you can do for yourself though. Try some iron supplements as iron deficiency Melatolin-plus  can definitely cause the same symptoms. If this is the case for you it's an instant and genuine restless leg syndrome cure. Your GP can test you and confirm any deficiencies. I personally think this is red herring for most RLS sufferers but you need to check because if this is your problem no other treatment will help you.
    Next, when you suffer an attack try drinking a large glass of tonic water. I know it sound daft and it's not to everyone's taste but if it works you will get almost instant relief, certainly within a few minutes. This works on a high percentage of sufferers but if this is at night, which is usually the worst time, you may find extra trips to the bathroom may outweigh the benefits.
    If it does work however you can go to your GP and ask to get a prescription for Quinine tablets. Quinine is the active ingredient in the tonic water. When I first took quinine tablets I had no symptoms for 7 days (and I am a daily sufferer), it seemed like a miracle restless leg syndrome cure and I had the best weeks sleep in many years.




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